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Google Partner

Working with us means working with the best.

We deliver digital marketing solutions that are trusted by Google.

Google's Partner program highlights the best breed of digital marketing companies, helping pair up businesses with agencies like High Position. Working with a Google Partner means working with experts, who will deliver great campaigns and leave your mind free to concentrate on running your business.

“Every business should have the help it needs to succeed on the web. Every day, agencies and web professionals work with businesses big and small to bring us closer to that reality.”  - Google's Partner Pitch

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Why we made the cut

Having replaced the original AdWords Certification with the more prestigious Google Partner badge, Google has stripped out 65% of their partner list and took forward the agencies that:

  • Know their Google
    Partners and their employees have to stay up-to-date on the latest Google tools and products by passing Google-administered exams every 18 months.

  • Have Proven Success
    This is what puts Partners on a pedestal. We use industry best practices to manage campaigns, no matter what sector our client covers or how much ad spend they have to invest. Our aim is simply to help businesses get the best return on their budget.

  • Keep Streets Ahead of The Rest
    Working directly with Google allows Partners to keep ahead of the curve with access to a range of Google goodies. From training seminars and product updates to a bottomless pool of learning materials, we keep in time with Google.

This means companies like yours can...

  • Connect more closely with Google
    Embrace the knowledge we have of Google products and the opportunities we can offer you, like being white listed for cutting edge advertising tools - which your competition won't be using.

  • Have a healthy business and happy agency relationship
    You know your business, and we know the web. With the peace of mind that we are a Google trusted Partner you can let the experts manage your online marketing while you focus on running your company.

  • Grow your business with Google Products
    Google's aim is to keep expanding products and platforms to allow any sized business to succeed. As their products and options grow, so can your business.
“Having worked with a multitude of online marketing solutions specialists, I can safely say that High Position house extremely knowledgeable individuals who have proven to me to be leaders within the industry.”
Emily Jacobs, Website Manager Choice
Google Analytics Certified

Let's Not Forget about Google Analytics

Not only are we recognised for our expertise in AdWords, but we are one of the longest standing Google Analytics Certified Partners in the UK.
Google Analytics is the market-leading web analytics software and is fundamental to any business that wants to understand how their site is working for them. Under the surface of your Google Analytics data is a wealth of information that we can help you uncover.
Being Google Certified shows our excellence in providing high quality data analysis services to aid all of your digital marketing campaigns.

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