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CRO Testing Increases Enquiries By 27.4%

Objective: “Bring in more Form completions”


  • 27.4% Increase in contact
    form submissions
  • 33.3% Improvement from winning test variation
  • 9% Increase in telephone enquiries YoY
“The CRO analysis by High Position has been extremely insightful, helping us understand our customers and inform our ongoing online strategy.”
Caroline Mytton, Online Marketing Director, Rentokil Initial
We set up an A/B/n test

We wanted to learn if displaying USP's clearly and visually would increase traffic to the contact form, and increase contact form completions and telephone enquiries. We devised an A/B/n test to find out what Call To Action on a 'contact' button would result in to the most click throughs and contact form completions.

Using our CRO Testing Top Tips

  • Extensive analysis is vital prior to testing
  • The most effective tests comprise detailed research, testing knowledge and gut feeling
  • Never test usability AND persuasion. Test one OR the other
  • Ensure the goal you're tracking is the most important
  • Refine variations and continue testing

We got great results...

Contact form completions increased 27.4% and telephone enquiries rose by 9% year on year.

All but two of the test variations outperformed the original (known in conversion circles as 'control'), with 'Contact Your Local Pest Control Expert Here!' winning with an impressive 33.26% improvement.

“With an increased number of conversions from their website, all of Rentokil's marketing effort is amplified and Cost per Acquisition reduced.”
James Root, Head of CRO

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