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On the Level

An investment in conversions nets a 700% ROI!

Objective: “Bring in more sales through improvements in conversion rate.”


  • 13% Improvement in conversion rate
  • 138% More enquiries than paid search alone
  • 700% Return On Investment
We set up a series of A/B tests

Through our well defined, scientific approach to testing we identified key pages and design aspects that needed improving, we set up a series of A/B tests to see which version worked best.



CRO Testing in a nutshell
  • Use Google Analytics & User Testing to pinpoint weaknesses
  • Test different page designs or content to increase conversions
  • Increase conversions which add value to your business
  • Carefully track conversions to estimate how much extra revenue you can generate
  • Amplify all of your other marketing efforts
We got great results...

These tests resulted in a 13% improvement in conversion rate. This will yield an additional 50 enquiries over the next 12 months, giving an ROI of over 700% from their 6 month investment in website testing.


Compared to More Paid Advertising

On The Level were considering spending their budget for CRO on more paid search traffic, looking back we can estimate that this would have yielded 21 enquiries, meaning CRO brought in 29 more enquiries (138% higher) than the same budget spent on paid ads.

“These changes will stay with the client for the lifetime of their website; 12 months, 24 months in the future they will still be reaping the gains.”
James Root, Head of CRO

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