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72.4% Increase in Organic Search Visibility

Objective: “Successful removal of manual webspam action applied by Google”


  • 900,000+ Links Analysed
  • 7,100+ Domains Analysed
  • 72.4% Increase in organic search visibility
Strategic Link Analysis

With a substantial link profile our initial challenge was to weed out the low-quality links using a number of pre-defined link quality metrics and extensive manual checks.

Using these intricate link removal processes we successfully segmented the data into varying levels of severity, tackling each level accordingly. The next phase focused on requesting removal of the offending links, completed using our targeted outreach process. This allows us to directly contact offending domains in a strategic, unobtrusive manner with remarkable success rates.

In total, this link removal campaign resulted in the disavowing of 24,000+ links from 3,700 unique linking root domains.

Webspam Action Revoked!

As a result the manual webspam action revoked in January 2014, leading to a 72.4% increase in organic search visibility for primary service keywords during the weeks following the revoke.


Link Removal Services in a Nutshell

Lick Library are just one of our success stories, which have all been through our five core phases of link removal:

  • Pre Domain/Link Analysis
  • Link Capture & Organisation
  • Manual Link Review
  • Link Removal Outreach
  • Creation/Submission of Link Disavow & Reconsideration Request

“With a 900k backlink profile, link removal for LickLibrary was an epic challenge, but the results were worth it with LickLibary well and truly back on the playing field”
Chris Ainsworth, Senior Search Consultant

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