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CRO Delivers A 107% Increase in Sales

Objective: “To increase the conversion rate of their website”


  • 107% Increase in Sales
  • 6 out of 7 CRO Tests Provided Winning Variations
  • Fewer Abandoned Shopping Carts
We Set Up a Series Of A/B Tests

Starting with a test to better display USPs (free delivery; authenticity; safe payment; refunds and returns) in the shopping cart to negate any buyer anxieties we decreased cart abandonment rate. We then increased sales by 107% via a Price vs. Authenticity A/B test.

Test, Test, Test

We have since tested Calls to Action - incorporating colour and size multivariate tests - eliminating the left hand navigation (increasing conversion rate by more than 1% or from 2.52 sales per 100 visitor to 3.58 sales per 100), as well as our latest successful test - integrating a Trust Pilot Widget on-page, resulting in another statistically significant test.

We Got Great Results

The series of successful tests were taken on board by the client who then implemented the changes and now has a better performing e-commerce website because of the conversion tests devised and carried out by High Position.

“These changes will stay with the client for the lifetime of their website; 12 months, 24 months in the future they will still be reaping the gains.”
James Root, Head of CRO

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