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Choice Store

PPC Revenue Increased 128% ... in one month!

Objective: “Improve PPC Return On Investment”


  • 42% Increase in Paid Visits
  • 128% Increase in Paid Revenue
  • 220% Return On Investment


“'I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of service provided by High Position. They have continued to supply sustainable SEO and PPC solutions that have generated positive results on an ongoing basis for Choice Ltd. Having worked with a multitude of online marketing solutions specialists, I can safely say that High Position house extremely knowledgeable individuals who have proven to me to be leaders within the industry.”

Emily Jacobs, Website Manager Choice

We Searched Hard for What Works Best

Faced with a vast e-commerce site, which sells a great variety of brands, we needed to think carefully about where we allocated the limited PPC budget. We dug deep into Google Analytics, identified the weaker brands and highlighted the best converting pages.


We Focused Budget on Top Returning Terms

In order to boost revenue, which potentially could open up additional ad spend, we focused PPC budget on campaigns which generate conversions. We also used promotional campaigns in the PPC ads to maximise appeal and boost Click Through Rate.

We Got Great Results

In just one month we halved Choice Store's acquisition costs and doubled their paid traffic revenue. Compared to the previous month paid traffic increased by 42%, Cost Per Transaction reduced by 48%, revenue increased by 128% and we achieved a Return on Investment of 220% compared to 55% previously.


PPC Services in a nutshell
  • Use Google Analytics and AdWords to measure your campaign's success
  • Target the right people at the right time on the right devices
  • Tailor campaigns and targeting to drive down CPA and improve ROI
  • Integrate all marketing messages to maximise appeal and conversions
  • Support search ads with a number of our PPC ad-ons

“Choice Store's campaign has gone from strength to strength and delivered record transactions. The adopted strategies provided great results and have paved the way for new brands coming onto the site.”
Michael Scanlon - Head of Paid Search

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