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Cartoon Network

A 69% Increase in Visits Exceeds Growth Target

Objective: “Increase brand engagement & provide better return for advertisers”


  • 69% Increase in Visits
  • 114% Increase in Page Views
  • 23% Increase in Time on Site
We Fully Optimised The Site

The SEO strategy included making technical recommendations to improve the site's search engine compliancy and creating quality backlinks. We also produced content for priority pages to ensure there is sufficient focus on keywords and phrases.


We Reached Out To New Market Segments

As well as driving more traffic to the site we used a variety of branded and generic search advertising campaigns to explore new market segments with little emphasis on the Cartoon Network brand. We then channelled successful PPC targeting into the SEO strategy.

We Got Great Results

With a synchronised approach to Cartoon Network's online marketing strategy, we achieved 1st page positions in Google for the majority of target keywords. Together PPC & SEO delivered 69% more traffic YoY and user engagement stats improved drastically: 114% lift in page views, 27% lift in avg. page views & a 23% lift in visit duration.


Combined Services in a nutshell
  • Use Google Analytics at the core of online marketing strategy
  • Tailored campaigns and strategies to achieve a central goal
  • Increase conversions by driving in more valuable traffic
  • Carefully integrate all marketing activity to maximise returns
  • Adopt a flexible approach to most effectively apply resources each month

“These results have been consistently strong for Cartoon Network and we maintain focus on edging towards even better results, month on month and year on year.”
Michael Scanlon, PPC Account Manager

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