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Superior Tracking Will Provide Long Term Value

Objective: “To measure and improve ROI on marketing spend and increase product sales”


  • Measurable Return On Investment
  • Clarity via Improved Tracking
  • Data-Driven PPC Improvements
Fixed E-Commerce & Goal Tracking

Airkix came to us with no e-commerce tracking and a multi-domain shopping cart that was impossible to track using their existing set-up. We overhauled the Google Analytics implementation and got e-commerce working across all their domains with correct attribution of channels to the final sale.

“Airkix can now clearly see which of their marketing channels are bringing in the most revenue and use this data to inform business decisions.”

Complete Digital Marketing Insights

With a correctly working Analytics implementation we have been able to vastly optimise Airkix's Paid advertising campaigns and shift budget to the best performing areas, increasing sales and providing a better return on investment.

Airkix can now measure the ROI of their Marketing activities, changing how they make business decisions to a smarter, more data-driven process.

“It was very satisfying to hear affiliate companies comment that our
SEM agency is doing a great job! We love your work at the moment, thank you.”
Simon Ward, Airkix
Pay Per Click Brand Test

The implementation of e-commerce data has also opened up opportunities to be more creative with PPC testing. One question that clients often ask is whether it is worth investing in branded keywords when organic visibility is strong. To provide a definitive answer to this, we simply tested it.

Using a clear test plan and a few formulas we used 6 weeks' worth of data to reveal that not bidding on branded keywords lost on average 8.3 transactions per week. With brand CPC so low, this meant that weekly ROI on brand terms is a whopping 1337%. The conclusion - definitely invest in brand!!

“These results have been consistently strong for Airkix and we maintain focus on edging towards even better results, month on month and year on year.”
Michael Scanlon - Head of Paid Search

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