ready_to_rock_mobileThe Part Mobile Advertising Plays in a Multi Device World

Google Partners, Are You Ready To Rock! This month High Position visited the Google HQ in London for the ‘Ready to Rock 2015’ presentation, part of the Google Partners initiative that is going from strength to strength. The event was … Continue reading

flowers on phoneMore PPC Leads With Call Only Campaigns

Mobile Search Is The New Black It seems like all marketing roads lead to mobile right now, and Google’s latest AdWords update certainly gives weight to this argument. Call Only Campaigns were rolled out across all AdWords accounts last week with … Continue reading

Lightbox ads are a great way to get your video content in front of your customers across a range of devices.Google AdWords Lightbox Ads: How To Do More With Your Video Content

Google unsurprisingly recognises the value that video is now playing in the digital strategies of many huge brands, with Lightbox ads now one of the more interesting ways to advertise video content. What is it? According to Google “Lightbox Ads are high-impact … Continue reading

gcs badgeHow to Become a Google Certified Shop

One of the more controversial paid search moves by Google in recent years has to be that of Product Listing Ads (PLAs) changing from a free service to a paid one. Many of the clients that I worked with at … Continue reading

google adwords v11Google AdWords Editor v11 New Features

Towards the end of last year Google released its latest version of AdWords Editor for PPC campaign management, with claims that version 11 would be the most significant update made to the application since it was first launched in 2006. … Continue reading

Google shopping will soon be getting its very own exam!The New Google AdWords Shopping Exam

In December, High Position attended the Google Partners – Accelerate event at the Google European Headquarters in Dublin. As well as some fantastic presentations on the state of Digital Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising, the subject of AdWords training … Continue reading

Keep-Calm-and-CalloutCan AdWords Callout Extensions Save Your Sanity?

A colleague of mine, working on a new build AdWords account a few days ago, became increasingly frustrated at the 35 character limit imposed on the two lines of body text in his ads, to the point where he had … Continue reading

It's not about mobileNew AdWords Innovations Announced

Since last year’s big Enhanced Campaigns announcement it’s been relatively quiet on the AdWords Front. There has been the steady trickle of updates and enhancements that we expect from Google, but nothing that could be described as game-changing. However, yesterday … Continue reading

Remarketing2014Take Your Remarketing to the Next Level

We already know how powerful remarketing campaigns are when it comes to improving overall conversion rates. Visitors are simply too precious to lose out on, so it makes sense to chase after them , just in case some gentle encouragement … Continue reading

run santaChristmas Landing Pages - Put The Decorations Up

Go into any high street store during December and you’ll be left in no doubt that it is well and truly ‘the silly season’. There’s guaranteed to be Christmas decorations and offers placed in every possible location. Let’s face it, … Continue reading