How Will Google Use Schema’s Organization Logo Markup?


Hi everyone! For those that aren’t already aware or too caught up with the Google I/O 2013 announcement; Google unveiled support for Schema’s Organization -> Logo mark up yesterday in an attempt to better understand and associate the right image/logo with websites.

Quote from Google Webmaster Central Blog

This announcement has led to a few questions popping up online about how Google plan to use the image in search results and its appearance when you run it through the Structured Data Testing Tool. Might this output tease what it could like in SERPs?

Unfortunately, I can’t show you examples of how Google intend to use it but I can show you a working example of what it looks like in the Structured Data Testing Tool.

Below is a screenshot of our own domain using the following code:

<div id="logo" itemscope itemtype="">
 <a itemprop="url" href="">
   <img itemprop="logo" src="" alt="High Position SEO" />

Structured Data Tool Organization Logo Output

Output from Structured Data Tool

Notice how the structured data tool shows a preview similar to that of an authorship mark-up listing. Could Google be looking to use a similar approach to authorship listings in SERPs?

Personally, I’m very doubtful Google would roll out an authorship type listing like this but rather chose to use it for things like Knowledge Graph listings (as is suggested on the WCB post) and perhaps as a featured image on highly brand based search queries or homepage listings.

Who knows though? I’m sure we’ll see some tests popping up over the next few weeks.

For now, if you want to set it up on your own site follow the instructions and examples on The Google Webmaster Central Blog and check out the Schema’s Organization Markup

If you have any problems, give us a shout below.

What do you think?

What do you think Google will do with Organization -> Logo Mark-up? Have you got any examples of your own or noticed any examples where this may be in use? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.


6 thoughts on “How Will Google Use Schema’s Organization Logo Markup?

  1. What if this is to be used instead of the knowledge graph? Imagine branded queries which aren’t specific enough for the kg, it’d make it much, much easier for users to see the brand even if it was in the lower half of the page.

    Would this give another advantage of the brands over the little guy? Maybe. Is this what users want? Possibly. This is all wild speculation though…

    • Chris, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what Google decide to do with the new logo markup. Having better control over the image in Knowledge Graph is a given i think, but as i said in the post, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they did run some tests around outputing logos on Highly relevant brand based queries to help them stand out. Let’s wait and see…

  2. Your logo displays because you have linked your Google + page to your site and the Publisher markup is verified. If you remove the logo markup, your logo would still be visible in the Strucutred Data testing tool, because that’s the profile photo of your Google + page.

    • Yes Anna, you are right!, he is talking about two differents things, i was thinking maybe the logo markup will help to improve in the knowledge graph.. but i dont see anything yet.. maybe is early to know it..

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