Remarketing in Search - Introducing Remarketing Lists For Search Ads


If you are lucky enough to be a Google Partner or working with an agency that partners with Google you could have the opportunity to use Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA). If you have already used Remarketing you will be aware of the benefits of targeting visitors to your site, but what if you could use the remarketing lists to target people in paid search!

How Remarketing in Search Works

Remarketing in Search allows you to use the list data from your regular remarketing list and apply it to a keyword driven campaign for paid search. As you know the people you are targeting are people that have already visited your site you may want to pay more to get them back to your site.

Improving Generic Terms

If visitors arrive at your site via a brand term, for example your company is Puma and they have visited your site via ’Adidas’ or even visited your site directly, you have an idea that people are fans of your brand.

If people are fans of your brand when they are looking at a product in future they are more likely to purchase from your site. For this reason it is worth bidding higher on an individual generic term such as ‘Trainers’

Note - It is considered best practice to separate your traditional search generic keyword campaign from the ‘Remarketing in Search’ campaign. This way you can bid more aggressively for these visitors and monitor the results.

Target people via pages they have visited - Free Trial Example

If you are also a company that offers a free trial of a product you may want to bid more aggressively on people that have registered for a free trial to promote full membership. To do this you will simply have to create a list of people that have reached the conversion page for the free trial then target them in a separate campaign.

What are the results so far?

The results so far from Remarketing in Search look great! Some users have seen a 48% drop in the cost per acquisition.

How Do You Gain Access to Remarketing Lists for Search Ads?

To gain access to the ‘Remarketing List for Search Ads Beta’ you will have to be white listed by Google. To do this you will need to either be a Google Partner or work with an agency that is a Google Partner. This is where we can help!

At High Position we have a number of Google Adwords Professionals that specialise in Display, Search and Reporting. Please get in touch and see how we can help.

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    • Hi Meghan,
      Remarketing Lists for Search Ads is available in a number of different areas. It is currently unavailable for whitelisting while the Google team concentrate on Google Enhanced Campaigns. It should be available to Google Partner agencies from April

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