LinkedIn Lead The Way In Email Marketing


HP’s CEO, Stephen Dart, feels even more special than normal today having been congratulated by LinkedIn for being one of the top 5% most viewed profiles in 2012.

The world’s largest professional network (with net worth of $7.5 Billion) now has 200 million users and counting since its official launch in 2003 and is widely regarded as the go-to online resource for business networking and professional content sharing.

The LinkedIn top 5% most viewed users received an email (see above image) detailing this prestigious achievement.

Genius Marketing

On closer inspection though, this is genius marketing by LinkedIn. 5% of 200 million equates to 10 million users. That’s 10 million LinkedIn users that were sent this email, making them feel special, thus enhancing the LinkedIn brand.

Many of the 10 million users are actively sharing this feat across other social platforms adding further weight to the brand. In fact, LinkedIn make it very easy to share this message when clicking through from the clear, yellow ‘Read More’ button on the Congratulations email:

This has clearly been thought about as the whole process is user friendly, with clear calls to action.

Connect with Steve on LinkedIn here, he’ll be happy to talk about how HP can work alongside you to devise online marketing strategies as clever as this one!

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