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We’ve got something to announce that we are rather delighted about - we like to think we’re an extremely charitable lot here at HP Group. Many of our team members are actively involved in charity work and we regularly hold fund raising events to support the typical national charity days. We’ve also managed to secure free funding from Google for many charitable organisations through Google’s Charity Grant schemes (those of you who regularly

read our blog will have seen the posts about this).  But we got to thinking that we should perhaps do something on a more regular basis and focus on charities that are local to us so that we can make a big impact.  What, we wondered, if every business transaction that High Position does ‘gave back’ in a way that would really impact lives?

We’re Giving Forward:

So we have decided to introduce a scheme that means for every one of our invoices that is paid on time by our clients we will put a small donation into the pot and at the end of the month take this money and make a donation to one of the local charities our team have nominated.

We reckon that our core business of digital marketing is all about connecting people with people (or more specifically, connecting consumers with website owners) and so we see this initiative as a way our work and business growth can connect with even more people and, in our own small way, make a difference.

We hope you like this idea and feel able to support us in our objectives.  We’ll be doing regular updates here on our blog regarding which charities benefit from this initiative.

The first charity to benefit will be Autism Anglia, based in Colchester, which provides a range of services to enable people with autism to live as independently as possible and experience choice and inclusion in society.  They do fantastic work and we’re proud to have them as the first charity that we support in this way.  You can find out more about their work here: www.autism-anglia.org.uk

The High Position Team

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