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We all know that social media now plays a big part in our lives, whether it is staying in touch with relatives, school friends or finding out the latest news, social media is massive!

The number of times I have seen the death of a celebrity on Twitter before it was announced on the news is scary!

Fast Moving Media

A prime example of how fast media has to move these days was the announcement of the retirement of Pope Benedict. Within half an hour of @BBCbreaking using BREAKING NEWS, people started to complain that the news was old!.

It is not just major media wires that need to get involved in social media, businesses and individuals need to get involved!

How To Make the Most Of Social Media

The way to make the most of social media is simply to get involved! Choose social media based on the audience you want to engage with

LinkedIn - Professionals and business owners
Twitter - Industry experts, company profiles, like-minded people you may not necessarily know but want to follow
Facebook - Friends, Relatives, people that share a similar interest.
Google+ - All of the above!

The best example of getting involved in Social Media is a recent success I had on LinkedIn. Recently I received an e-mail to say that my LinkedIn Profile was one of the top 5% most viewed profiles in 2012 (not the only person at High Position to receive this).

Top Influencer

What is more impressive though is in the same week I had become the most influential person in two of the top PPC Groups in LinkedIn. Out of the 11,769 in the Group ‘Google Adwords Qualified Individuals’ I was the most influential person.

How Was This Achieved?

To do this was relatively easy, although it did take commitment. In the same way Google wants to rank relevant linked content high on its search engine, LinkedIn does the same with the posts in each of its groups. So I went about creating useful content on the High Position blog that would create a discussion on LinkedIn, I posted the content on LinkedIn, then got involved! The target was not to generate traffic to the blog although their was certainly a spike, the target was to grow as an influential person within the PPC industry.

A Lesson To Businesses

This is also a lesson to businesses, although some businesses would argue that social media is not for everybody, if you are actively using social media you can protect and promote your brand. You may also want to pay attention to comments recently made by Eric Schmidt about Google+ “Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification”

Time To Get Involved

It is easy to set up a profile and get involved, your opinions count. If you see something useful SHARE IT and get involved in social media, they are social networks…time to network.

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