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As you will now be aware Google have made a huge announcement about Google Adwords. Google have launched Google Enhanced Campaigns, which seems to be the biggest change to hit adwords in recent years. So what does it mean for an agency? What does it mean for a business owner and more importantly, what does it mean for the person searching?

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What does it mean for an Agency?

If you are an agency the chances are you will be running a number of separate campaigns for your clients aimed at smartphones and desktop. Although it is great to run these separate campaigns the chances are you will just be creating more campaigns to manage, which deliver the same message. With enhanced campaigns a new set of tools are introduced to give you the ability to manage ads across locations, time and devices, all within a single campaign!

As an agency you will now want to focus your attention on:

Adjusting the bids by time of days, location and device - If a potential customer is near a local shop bid more aggressively, if someone is commuting in the morning, chances are they will be using a mobile device, so time to bid more aggressively on mobile!

Showing the right ads, sitelinks and extension based on user content -Set ads to change throughout the day to deliver a message that is attractive to the customer.

Tracking more conversions! - With better conversion tracking information including tracking digital downloads and better call tracking information you will want to make sure your conversion tracking is perfect.

One major change that stands out is the fact you will not be able to avoid bidding on mobile. This is a bit controversial and although you can bid low to avoid showing for mobile it is being suggested by some that the overall CPC for mobile could increase. The fact is you cannot ignore the statistic related to mobile and Google would not push mobile advertising if it was not generating any traffic. You will need to have a website optimised for a mobile device!

What does the change mean for you as a business owner?

If you are a business owner the change will mean that you will be expanding your reach and your ads will be delivered to the right people at the right time of the day

Mobile Site - Even if it is very basic, make sure that your site works correctly on a mobile device. By doing this you will increase conversions and gain traffic from a whole new audience. Test your site on How to go mo

Choose Local - Google places is great not only for reviews but if somebody wants to find you when they are on the move! Google will now show people ads specific to their location so make sure you can be found!.

What Does it Mean For The User?

Hopefully the changes will mean that you will be shown better ads that will improve the user experience on Google! Next time you are out and looking for a Pizza shop or struggling to find somewhere that stocks the latest Pandora charms you will be shown the ad of a store close to your location.

If you are searching from home and want a Pizza the chances are you will want places that deliver! Only time will tell but Google has evolved…for the better

To give your thoughts on the changes why not join the Google Adwords Community

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