Google Adwords Update - Image Ad Builder, Campaign Upgrade Centre and more


Whilst all the SEO’s run around in a panic about the latest Penguin Algorithm update the Paid Advertising guys can take in their own update….new features in Adwords. Not only have Google introduced new tools to make it easy to create image ads, they have introduced a new tool to merge campaigns.

Introducing The New Image Ad Builder

The new image ad builder makes it much easier to create an attractive image ad.


The image ad builder is not perfect but it will give you the foundation to create great looking image ads. If you are growing your brand then it is important to have a Google Display campaign running.

Campaign Upgrade Centre

If you don’t know already Google Enhanced Campaigns will start to be automatically rolled out on 22nd July. This will mean all your campaigns will be changed whether you like it or not. The problem is, you’ve spent the last 18 months convincing your client to split their mobile campaign and now you have no option. This could create more work but don’t worry Google have created a handy tool for you to use.

The merge is easier than you think.

Tips for Using Enhanced Campaigns

When you merge to enhanced campaigns, make sure you make the most of the location bidding. Location bidding is now much easier and should be used to target key areas based on location and whether you are performing any other forms of marketing (example print material). It make sense to bid more aggressively in areas that you do other forms of marketing in as people will be more aware of your brand and likely to trust your site.

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