Google AdWords Lightbox Ads: How To Do More With Your Video Content


Google unsurprisingly recognises the value that video is now playing in the digital strategies of many huge brands, with Lightbox ads now one of the more interesting ways to advertise video content.

What is it?

According to Google “Lightbox Ads are high-impact ad experiences that let you embed a stunning piece of content - such as a video, catalog or game - into a standard, scalable ad unit.”

Specifically, embedding a video into a Lightbox ad means that if a user hovers over your ad for two seconds or more it will then expand into a near full-screen canvas whilst simultaneously dimming the page underneath, making your video or content the primary (and arguably only) focus on the page: a Marketers dream!

Why Would You Use It?

Lightbox ads can help strengthen a company’s relationship with its customers by offering them a chance to engage with compelling, user orientated content. Having a two-second delay ensures meaningful user engagement and helps avoid accidental spend and wasted impressions.

Your video can then take centre stage and become the focal point of attention on the page and cost-per-engagement (CPE) pricing means you’ll only pay when you’re certain that an intentional and meaningful engagement has occurred.

Lightbox ads are a great way to get your video content in front of your customers across a range of devices.

Is It Mobile Compatible?

Absolutely! This is a feature that Google only introduced as recently as December of last year but Lightbox ads are now available across all devices and screen sizes. As we all know, mobile has been a massive area of interest for Google for a long time now and as 2015 could really be the year of mobile it’s no surprise that they’ve extended the functionality of Lightbox ads to include mobile devices as well.

Check out the video below for more information on how to build Lightbox ads using different content and how they are then implemented on different devices.

Lightbox Ads and Video Content

Engagement ads and video content are becoming more and more relevant and Lightbox ads are an excellent example of how to implement video in a meaningful and engaging way.

Video content - and by extension Lightbox ads - enable advertisers to tell compelling and engaging stories: ultimately the heartbeat of successful online marketing campaigns.


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