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This week Richard Price has nominated THABTO as High Position’s CRO Site of the Week, with their clean and simple website design making for a very user-friendly choice. As this week’s winners, they’ll be notified of their award via twitter and will be rewarded for their excellence with something from the HP CRO Drawer.

We love seeing fantastic, innovative websites so if you’ve come across a great user experience you can tweet your nomination to @HighPositionSEO using #CRONomination

What does the site do?

THABTO is a product design brand with an ecommerce site that sells an exclusive range of unique gifts and household items that often have a humorous twist to them.

What does the site say they do?

“THABTO (Two Heads Are Better Than One) is a contemporary British design brand producing a unique range of unconventional gifts and lifestyle items that delight and inspire.”

What does the site do well?

  • Minimalist design makes for a crisp and clean appearance, where the key elements of the page really stand out
  • Concise and easy site navigation, especially through the homepage which features 3 extremely prominent images linking to the ‘trade’ and product listing pages, as well as the website’s personal Instagram page
  • Sensible carousel implementation featuring just two of the website’s most popular products. Often carousels don’t aid conversion due to too much information, too many images and scroll too quickly to have any real impact

THABTO not only have a great, minimalist design but also more importantly, mugs with faces! Who doesn’t want to see that when landing on on a homepage?

  • The minimalist design with a focus on usability extends to the the product listing page, where product name, image and price are all that is necessary
  • Additionally, when mousing over a product there is a ‘quick shop’ option available which gives a brief overview of the product and lets you add to your basket without having to navigate to the individual product page for that item. Handy for those impulse buys when all you need is a quick description before a definite purchase!

The ‘quick shop’ option is a great addition. Anything that saves time and effort on the part of the user is going to help conversions. I want to buy my ‘Seriously Sleepy’ mug as quick as possible after all!

  • An extremely user-friendly checkout page where all salient information is clearly presented
  • Additionally, the welcome option to check shipping rates to an address of your choice before progressing with the transaction. Too many websites wait until after entering personal information (and sometimes even payment details) before adding the cost of shipping on to the transaction.

Nice and simple to use, especially with the addition of the shipping rates calculator. That ‘Seriously Sleepy’ mug will be mine in no time!

  • I’ve discussed in a previous blog post how important contact pages are and THABTO have an decent example of this on their ‘trade’ page. There is a clear, friendly call to action as well as a conveniently placed contact form letting you get in touch straight away, but there’s always room for improvement!

I don’t have my own store but if I did I wouldn’t have any problems getting in touch with THABTO to discuss their products using the well implemented contact form.

What does the site not do so well?

  • Considering the website has a large focus on their blog content and featured press releases it’s curious that the social links can be quite hard to find - TEST IT!
  • Additionally, despite the fact that some of their products have won awards there’s a distinct lack of customer reviews or social proof to help back this up - TEST IT!

A bit more independent validation on each of the product pages could go a long way in helping to persuade indecisive customers to make a purchase.

  • While the checkout page is clear and easy to use, it lacks a lot of the prominent security information I’m accustomed to seeing. This helps to alleviate any lingering worries about the safety and security of shopping online, particularly for those users who aren’t particularly internet savvy - TEST IT!

Congratulations THABTO, you’ve got a great range of products that are easy to browse and even easier to buy! CRO Testing could help build on this and ensure that your customers have even more reasons to make a purchase.




Enjoy your reward, straight from the CRO drawer!

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