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Every week High Position’s CRO / UX team analyse a website that has stood out from the crowd. We like websites that are easy to use and encompass innovative features to enhance and enrich user experience. Winners of this prestigious award will receive something from the ‘CRO Team Drawer’. All winners please get in touch with me here: @RootToMarket. Nominations can also be tweeted! Please share and get involved.


What does the site do?

Sells artist designed, limited edition t-shirts for a limited time.

What does the site say they do?

“Tee today, gone tomorrow. TeeFury was started in 2008 by a bunch of artists who love limited edition t-shirts. At TeeFury you will find a new amazing tee every 24 hours for just $10. All of our tees are super limited-edition, being sold for only 24-48 hours or until sold out, whichever happens first.”

What does the site do well?

  • Clean and clear horizontal navigation
  • Encourages fan engagement via forum and also once a week they have a Battle between two Tee designs to see which one sells the most
  • Clear calls to action: ‘Add to Cart!’ ‘click here’ ‘Load More Comments’
  • Excellent use of countdown timer, a great way to make the users mind up to buy
  • User friendly size/quantity buttons

What else does the site do well?

  • Excellent use of Social Media – Facebook Connect to enter daily competition to win a free tee
  • Clear and engaging images
  • A great platform for designers to submit designs and earn a few quid along the way
  • Gallery is clearly laid out for users to browse previous designs
  • No need to click around – the homepage showcases ‘Today’s Tee’. One click for size and Quantity, one click to add to cart, one click to checkout, and a single page, quick and easy checkout form

What does the site not do well?

  • Size chart button is small and not very clear. TEST IT!
  • No search function in the Gallery
  • Shipping details are a little hidden and doesn’t give shipping costs to destination country (I had to tweet them to find out, although quick response)

  • Branding – Banner is quite small. Is this detrimental to conversion? TEST IT!
  • Product info not on product page. Great information on the Help page but this may aid conversion if this is visible on the product page itself
  • Checkout and Continue Shopping buttons are bland. May benefit from being a different colour? TEST IT!

Tweet your CRO Site of the Week nominations to me – @RootToMarket. And remember, if you Test it; they will come!

Each winner receives some stuff from my drawer! #Win!


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