This week High Position’s CRO/UX Expert Laura “Super” Hands takes a look at As ever, the winner of CRO site of the week will win a prize from the HP CRO Drawer.  All winners will be notified by High Position Head of CRO, James Root via twitter: @RootToMarket. Nominations can also be tweeted so please share and get involved!



What Does the Site Do?

The site sells a range of different teas from green tea to chocolate flake tea. They also stock a range of teaware products.

What Does the site say they do?

It is not specified on the home page but fairly obvious from the brand name.

What Does the Site Do Well?

The site really engages the customer and encourages them to purchase tea depending on their mood. The mood bar is especially useful for bringing back returning visitors and prompting multiple orders.

The Mood-o-meter displays a selection of teas depending on your mood. Our changing moods mean that we are likely to return to the site to purchase products in the future!

What Else Does the Site Do Well?

  • The site clearly states their green credentials, good press, social media and charity work in a clear display.

  • The clear design matches the branding of the company as does the simple but well packaged style of the website.
  • The website makes excellent use of customer recommendations. Each product has a teapot rating based on a large number of reviews.

What Does The Site Not Do So Well?

  • teapigs have a great, engaging social media presence yet they do not feature clear links to the social channels at the top of the site -  TEST IT!
  • There are no obvious calls to action included on the category pages. Clear call outs such as “View Product”,  “Learn more” or even “Buy Now” may encourage more users to click through and look at the products - TEST IT!
  • Drop down menus are inconsistent. There is a large drop down menu for the “shop tea” link but no menu for the “matcha” link. Perhaps more people would click through to this section of the site if they were presented with further options from the top level navigation – TEST IT!

So, congratulations teapigs, you have a fab website and could use CRO testing to squeeze even more juice out of what you already have! Also, each winner receives some stuff from James’ drawer, so look out for a package in the post #Win!

Tweet your CRO Site of the Week nominations to @RootToMarket. And remember: If you Test it; they will come!


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