what is Content Marketing?What is Content Marketing? And 15 Other Essential Content Questions (Part 1)

Whether you’ve been in the digital marketing world for years or just stumbled upon it over the last few months, there’s no doubt that you’ll have come across the phrase ‘content marketing’ at one time or another. There are many … Continue reading

Google Image Search URL ExtractorHow to Extract a List of Image URLs Indexed by Google

Back in 2014 I coded a nifty little JavaScript tool (adapting previous work by Liam Delahunty) to help with site auditing by extracting a list of URLs indexed by Google for a domain of your choice. The tool was initial … Continue reading

ask-google-20132015 - The Year of Mobile?

We’ve been hearing the phrase for a few years now, but so far mobile hasn’t really exploded in the way we’ve all been expecting. Sure, usage is gradually going up but SMEs have mostly continued to ignore it in terms … Continue reading

digital-digest2Digital Digest - Facebook at Work, Native Ads and the Snapchat $750k

Welcome to this week’s #DigitalDigest where we run through the top Digital Marketing picks of the last week. Today we take a look at the effectiveness of digital marketing for small business, the next step in native advertising, Snapchat’s pricey ad … Continue reading

Social Icon in Knowledge GraphHow to Add Your Social Profiles to Google’s Knowledge Graph

Yesterday Google announced the launch of a new feature for webmasters - the ability to specify social profile information for inclusion within the Google Knowledge panel. The new features provide marketeers with an additional area of search real estate to … Continue reading

worldcup-previewInteractive Content - Best Practices

By now any digital marketers worth their salt will be building interactive content as part of their content marketing strategy - providing opportunities for great social and media exposure and delivering the benefits straight back to their domain: a killer concept that’s going … Continue reading

Disavow Good BadManual Penalty Removal & Recovery - Part 4 - When to Disavow Links

If you’ve been following this series you’ll now have a strong understanding of the varying types of manual action, and have gained insights into the factors that form a link penalty - and hopefully you’ll now have enough knowledge to be … Continue reading

hp-digital-digestDigital Digest - The Latest and Greatest Digital Marketing Stories

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Optimal Rendering and Indexing - Google Webmaster Guideline Update

Earlier this week Webmaster Central posted an update about Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and how it renders webpages. For some time now Google’s indexing system has been able to render webpages (announcement was made in May) and along with this came the … Continue reading

Link AuditManual Penalty Removal & Recovery - Part 3 - How to Perform a Link Audit

Link auditing is a skilled process through which there is no “one size fits all” solution. It’s a fluid process in which different approaches can be adopted, depending on individual circumstances such as link history, the type of link penalty … Continue reading