About Gavin Hyam

Gav is a Front End Developer at High Position with a passion for creative work. Away from that he suffers the highs and lows of supporting West Ham, going to gigs and travelling to as many countries as his money will get him! You can follow Gav on Twitter (@Gavin_Hyam)

wheres-the-buttonUX – Don’t be a Wally, User Test!

Often, there can be so much focus on the visuals of an interface design that we lose sight of how a user will interact with it. Leaving something as crucial as this as an afterthought will inevitably lead to more … Continue reading

Don't Make Me ThinkWorking as a Front-end developer in 2015 – interests, fundamentals and theory

So, just before Christmas I decided to clear out what had become quite an excessive design and dev magazine/book collection. Years of build-up stretching back to my uni days, for long enough hidden from view, had begun to overflow into … Continue reading

gspThe Similarities Between Content Marketing and Ultimate Fighting

Content Marketing Inspiration Comes In Many Shapes and Sizes, Including The Octagon and Welterweight, explains Digital Designer, Gavin Hyam. I get the train to work every day, 30 minutes in, 30 minutes out. I live in a lovely part of … Continue reading