google-emd-updateGoogle’s EMD Update: the numbers

Only got 5 minutes? skip to the bottom for the TL;DR version. Just over a week ago now (September 28 to be exact), Google released what is being called the “EMD Update“. You can follow that link for a bit … Continue reading

Conversion Tracking and The Google Tag Manager Explained

As PPC account managers it’s important to be methodical in any new account setup. It’s important to follow a process through from start to finish and ensure that best practice is taken into account. It’s also necessary to ensure that … Continue reading

wemd caution lgWeapons of Exact Match Destruction

The last week has been filled with turmoil as the expanding effects of the EMD/PMD update Google rolled out sparked off waves of outrage and indignation as website owners began to see their rankings slide. Minor weather report: small upcoming … Continue reading

CRO Site of the Week:

Every week High Position’s CRO / UX team analyses a website that has stood out from the crowd. We like websites that are easy to use and encompass innovative features to enhance and enrich the users’ experience. Winners of this … Continue reading