Waiting for the doors to openGoogle Partners Launch Event

I’ve been to quite a few Google organised events in the last five years and they never fail to surprise and thrill me, yesterday’s Google Partners Launch was no exception. In fact it raised the bar, in more ways than … Continue reading

present-redChristmas Cheer for New PPC Clients

Halloween might be the holiday that’s on everyone’s minds right now but as we move into November there’s only one thing that we’ll all be thinking about. How cold and wet it is now! Oh and Christmas, always Christmas! It … Continue reading

Google-AdWords-Quality-ScoreGoogle Ad Rank Update - Ad Extensions and Formats to Factor into Quality Score

So, what exactly is happening then? Up until now the Google Ad Rank calculation has only ever used two factors when ordering ads on a search page, which were max CPC bid and the ad’s quality score. Google is changing … Continue reading

Baul Baul2The Christmas Countdown Has Begun

Only 100 Days To Go! Forgive us for mentioning the “C” word so soon after a pretty decent summer! However, with the 100 day marker arriving, there is no better time to step your Pay Per Click advertising up a gear … Continue reading

reports2Digging Deeper Part 2 – Getting More From Your AdWords Reports

Picking up where we left of last week, sometimes it can take a little digging to get the AdWords Reports you’re really interested in. It’s not that you’re not handling the account well, it’s just that the pace of change … Continue reading

reports1Digging Deeper – Are Your AdWords Reports Actually Telling You Anything – Part 1

If you’ve managed AdWords accounts for several years you’ll no doubt be aware of the improvements made to the reporting side of the system. A few years ago the information available to account managers was very top level and there … Continue reading

Google Enhanced Campaigns – Your Final Warning!

Without doubt the hot topic in the world of Google AdWords the past few months has been Enhanced Campaigns. Here at High Position we’ve covered the topic from day one, having been invited to a presentation at Google HQ London … Continue reading

Have Enhanced Campaigns Changed Your Life?

The Dust Settles on Enhanced Campaigns… Working with AdWords has always been a constant process of learning, implementing, measuring and learning some more. The pace of change never slows and the number of updates and new features being rolled out … Continue reading

PPC OrangeThe Brand Bidding Debate

To Bid, Or Not To Bid… At High Position we take ROI seriously and aim to use PPC budgets as efficiently as possible, generating cost effective clicks, which convert well and achieve a healthy CPA. One topic we are constantly … Continue reading

Google’s PPC Paid Search Must Have Ticket! Part 1

Google requests the company of… Google opened their doors last week for a special client/agency presentation, during which they detailed their vision for the future, and High Position had front row seats. Unlike many recent events, this one was at … Continue reading