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The Google Authorship Markup Tool

Hi Everyone!

Over the last few months we’ve published a few posts talking about What Google Authorship / Author Rank is, its benefitshow to set it up on your website and today I’m pleased to announce another in the form of a new tool we’ve just released.

Authorship has been around for some time now and much has been written about the benefits it can bring to your CTR in SERPs as well as the tie-in with AuthorRank as a future quality signal - it still surprises me how many people still haven’t taken advantage of this feature.

In an attempt to change this and help out our clients, other website owners and those who aren’t as technically savvy, we’ve built a very simple tool to help authors create author bios that feature Google Authorship mark up as well a few other links to their website and other social profiles.

The idea and the solution are simple but we really hope this helps take away some of the confusion and difficulty that some are experiencing.

Judge for yourself, check out the Google Authorship Markup Tool and give it a try.

If you have any questions on the tool, suggestions on improvement or just want to leave us a message, please do so below. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks! :)


3 thoughts on “HP release NEW Google Author Tool

  1. Funny you should release this, someone in the office has been tearing their hair out over google authorship, I’ll pass it on. Hopefully it helps

  2. Fantastic article Tom and the Google Authorship Markup Tool is great. Thank you for sharing it!

    I have a question. Would you include Facebook and Pinterest (and other social sites) in the author profile as well?

    Thanks from the team at Malawi Lodge

    • Thanks Tom, really glad you found this useful. I’d certainly not discourage people from including links to other personal social channels in there bios/profiles. Obviously it won’t effect SERPs in the same way as your Google+ author reference does but in this instance its more about promoting and building awareness of the other channels where people can find, follow and engage with you and your content. Hope that helps?

      Give my best to all the team at Malawi Lodge! :)

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