Homeless Charity Eammaus is next Giving4ward™ Beneficiary


Another month passes and another Giving4ward™ donation amount has been calculated. This month our chosen charity is Emmaus Colchester (www.emmaus.org.uk/colchester). Emmaus is an organisation which allows people who have lost their homes to help themselves. In return for a home and their meals they are asked to work for 40 hours per week and not claim benefits. Emmaus “Companions” are then expected to support the Emmaus principle of helping others less fortunate than themselves. It’s a fantastic charity doing valuable work in our community 

We are very pleased to be able to present to them a cheque for £150.00 which we hope will help them to carry on their fantastic work.

Update: Jeff Keating our Resources Director and Rachel Davidson-Foster, our Operations Director have just returned from a visit to the community at Emmaus where they handed over the donation cheque and were kindly shown around the fantastic facilities.  Keith Henrick, General Manager at Emmaus explained the hard-work they put in to provide a home to people in need. The team there show real commitment to their cause and do a brilliant job with the resources they have.  We look forward to hearing how our donation has helped them and hope that we might be able to help them gain further assistance through the Google Charity Grant scheme (https://www.highposition.com/blog/google-grant-explained-get-more-than-6k-for-your-charity/). Thank you Emmaus for your hospitality.

Keith and Anita from Emmaus receive the donation cheque from Rachel and Jeff

Our Giving4ward™ Scheme: We want our charity raising activity to happen on a regular basis and focus on charities that are small and local to us so that our money makes a real difference to them.  The Giving4ward™ Scheme was started at the beginning of April. It works by us making a donation for every one of our invoices that is paid on time by our clients. At the end of the month we then make a donation to one of the local charities our team have nominated.

Our work is all about connecting consumers with website owners so this initiative is a way our work and business growth can help us connect with even more people and put something back into our local community. Our total raised so far is £778.

Next Month’s Charity: Next month we will be donating all monies raised to Business Against Poverty which is the business fundraising element of the charity People Against Poverty www.peopleagainstpoverty.com/index.php?s=19499.  This is a fantastic initiative - similar in its charitable objectives to our own Giving4ward™ scheme in that it is a way for businesses to give back to the wider community through the activity of doing business.

Business against Poverty is an accredited membership community and it’s business members are united in their desire to do something about the issues of poverty and ethical standards. Their activities aim to reduce international poverty. We look forward to handing over a cheque to them in early October.

Once again, we could not do this without the support of all our clients; and a big thank you goes to the team at High Position for the continuing hard work and passion for all things digital marketing


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