Our Giving4ward™ Scheme exceeds £1000 donated…


The team at High Position have got another busy charity month ahead - not only are we supporting the national charity event of “Movember” we are also very proud to announce that we are giving another Giving4ward™ donation! This month we are giving to Brainwave.

Brainwave has a centre near us in Witham (www.brainwave.org.uk) and is a fantastic charity that is committed to bringing measurable improvements to the lives of children with physical, sensory, learning and cognitive needs caused by diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, genetic conditions, Autism and Developmental Delay. We are very pleased to present them with a cheque for £150.00 which we know will be put to valuable use in supporting its work with the children

Rachel Davidson-Foster, Operations Director High Position and Tom Jepson, Head of SEO High Position with Gerry, Becca, Michaela and Dilaver at Brainwave.

UPDATE: we went down to visit the Brainwave team in Witham last week and had a lovely tour around the premises and a detailed presentation on how hard they work and the valuable improvements they can bring to their families. It was a pleasure to meet all of the team - some of whom we persuaded to be in the picture of us handing over the cheque.

We subsequently received a lovely thank you letter from Gerry Gould, Brainwave’s South East Community Manager which we’d like to share with you - click on the image below to open it in another browser tab:

The lovely thank you letter we received - you’re very welcome Brainwave!

Our Giving4ward™ Scheme: For regular readers of our blog you’ll know by now that we want our charity raising activity to happen on a regular basis and focus on charities that are small and local to us so that our money makes a real difference to them.  The Giving4ward™ Scheme was started at the beginning of April. It works by us making a donation for every one of our invoices that is paid on time by our clients. At the end of the month we then make a donation to one of the local charities our team have nominated.

Our work is all about connecting website owners with their consumers so this initiative is a way our work and business growth can help us connect with even more people and put something back into our local community. Our total raised so far is £1,078.00.

Next Month’s Charity: Next month we will be donating all monies raised to Colchester MIND (www.colchestermind.org) who are a charity that tries to improve the lives of people throughout North Essex by providing a variety of services and activities and campaigning to help reduce the stigma attached to Mental Health. The charity has been running since 1985 and we hope that our donation will encourage others to support this worthwhile cause.

Thank You: We say it every month but it is worth repeating; we could not do this without the support of all our clients; and a big thank you goes to the team at High Position for the continuing hard work and passion for all things digital marketing


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