Finalist for Business Woman of the Year Award 2013


“Well I’ll go to the foot of our stairs!” (as my grandmother used to say) – I had a lovely surprise this week when I opened a letter from the people at Colchester Business Awards politely informing me that I had been selected as a finalist for the Business Woman of the Year award at the upcoming awards ceremony to be held on 29th November 2013.

I was rather pleased to have been nominated in the first place – but to be selected as a finalist is just thrilling and a wonderful validation of the hard work that I, and the whole team at High Position, put in.  I’m looking forward to meeting the other Business Woman category finalists at the awards ceremony and of course all the other interesting businesses that will be represented there.

So; watch this space for updates on whether I win (fingers crossed) and good luck to all of the other Colchester Business Award luminaries.

UPDATE: the interviewing phase for finalists in this category is now completed and so I wait with baited breath to find out if I have been successful or not.  It was great to meet the judge of this category, Mr David Bell of APC Solutions Group who are sponsoring the award.  David and I mulled over all aspects of “what makes a great business leader” and discussed my belief that successful business is about people feeling connected and understanding the “why”. This is a theme that I believe runs through every layer of business - from the most junior employee feeling clear about how their work-effort plays a part in the overall success of the company right up to the clients we work for being able to connect to their target consumers by the application of the High Position team’s knowledge and expertise.  I am deeply proud of the High Position Team’s proficiency and professionalism and I have worked hard to put the systems and structures in place to enable these qualities to shine out.  It is with the backing of this solid team culture that I feel so honoured to have been chosen as a finalist; fingers and toes crossed that this will be recognised with a win on the night! Watch this space….


3 thoughts on “Finalist for Business Woman of the Year Award 2013

  1. Very well done, and good luck for the vote!
    Actually, I wanted to ask where that expression came from (what does it mean) as I hadn’t heard that one before. I *so* want to use it now, even though I no longer have any stairs!

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