Don’t Be An SEO Sheep


Why there’s more to Search Engine Marketing than being position 1

Most companies, no matter what size, are trying to gain more online customers. This is almost at any cost and may involve separate SEO, PPC, link building and email campaigns as well as other traffic generators, like offline campaigns and referral arrangements.

That’s all well and good; of course we all understand the need to increase the number of potential visitors to your site and therefore increase the potential for those to say ‘yes please’ to your services!

However, as we evolve into providing integrated digital marketing campaigns, we can’t ignore the “old school” perception of our clients that “page 1 position 1 in Google” is what every site needs in order to be successful. All too often, businesses forget that what they are really after are more customers…which may well be generated from more traffic!

Taking an integrated approach to a digital marketing campaign can help see past the narrow-minded appeal of being position 1 for a keyword that has been plucked out of the air – instead, you can strategise based on the simple end goal of increasing sales/enquiries – and not just assuming this will happen if you are top spot.

At High Position we are serious about data and will look into your Google Analytics before settling on a digital strategy. I am sure the majority of our clients will analyse this information to an extent, helping understand who is using your site – but the most overlooked benefit of working with experts is that data can be turned into actionable insights which allow you to make great business decisions.

Google Analytics is becoming more and more sophisticated each year and with thorough dissection of data and a full understanding of what it means is perhaps the most powerful tool when planning a digital marketing campaign.

From our experience, small business owners and even Marketing Managers are still buying SEO services based on page 1 position 1 expectations, even though Google has made this extremely difficult what with the latest updates. This doesn’t mean prime positions are not possible, but what it does mean is that when shopping around, people should invest in agencies which can offer more than that, and really invest your budget where the biggest impact can be made.

By taking an analytical approach to each and every client, we understand exactly what you are trying to achieve, what the current state of your online presence is and with our expertise we can make the magic happen and achieve those goals.

There are so many agencies providing services that simply do not work from this tried and tested formula, and worryingly invest in short term SEO results which in time can destroy their clients sites by using poor link or content campaigns that Google slaps back with penalisation. In the most extreme cases, you can almost forget being page 1 or 2 again, let alone page 1 position 1.

High Position have always been one of the UK’s pioneers in SEO, offering services to clients for almost 15 years and becoming one of Google’s first UK Certified Partners. We can see that the future of SEO is a place within an integrated campaign, which becomes your digital marketing strategy.

Achieving meaningful targets in sustainable ways, making a real difference to your bottom line - not just to the vanity of your Google listings.

Check out some of our client case studies, or take your first step towards better online performance and get in touch with one of our digital marketing experts.


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