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This week High Position’s Marketing Manager, Rachael Bilby, takes a look at As ever, winners of this prestigious award will receive something from the HP CRO Drawer. All winners will be notified by High Position Head of CRO, James Root via twitter: @RootToMarket. Nominations can also be tweeted so please share and get involved!

Sweat Shop

Born in 1971 by Olympic gold medallist and London Marathon Co. Founder, Chris Brasher, Sweat Shop is a UK based running store. With 39 branches across the UK, Running clubs, free training advice and several annual running events, they have established themselves as the UK’s favourite running brand. 


What does the site do?

Although the site is e-commerce focused, there are lots of customer-centric features and quirks to keep customers coming back for more, with free “Sweatshop advice”, training plans and running clubs. Alongside an easy-to-use navigation and all the cool features there are plenty of call to actions to encourage an impulse buy, or two! From “Free Delivery”, “14 day shoe guarantee” and “Free UK Returns” to seasonal offers, vouchers and sales the site is designed to help users make quick, easy purchases.

What does the site say they do?

Unlike most sportswear shops, Sweatshop boldy state that they “offer you a unique service experience” with:

  • Choice
  • Innovation
  • Engagement with runners by runners
  • Sweatshop events

What does the site do well?

  • Clear Navigation

  • Bold call to actions and offers on the homepage to grab attention
  • Clear basket tab with hover down option and visible total

  • Extra info that is USEFUL to the users…special offers, recommended products, new products, a brand scroller and offer reminders!

  • Handy Gift Finder pages, with a number of category options


What else the site does well…


Foolproof Category Pages


  • Clear sale/new/exclusive images to subtly persuade the user to click
  • Easy to use filters on category pages

Product Pages

  • Clear Call To Actions
  • Wish List function
  • Pop up size guide

  • Recently viewed tab
  • Useful advice tab under products

  • Alternative product choices on some pages
  • Use of videos where possible


Top Check out Page

  • Winter offer reminder

  • Clear delivery options
  • Checkout Step Tracker
  • “Secure”, “You Can Trust Us” messages
  • Easy to view, local, helpline number

Community page

  • Sweat Shop Running Club
  • Easy to use find a run option
  • Free training plans
  • Product Advice


What could the site do better?

  • “View All” function on category pages - more and more users get put off by having to click through a number of pages

  • More product pictures for each item and try to get more videos

  • Hover and zoom on images should be available on every product
  • Product reviews will help encourage people to commit to buying products - especially with higher end products that require more user involvement and therefore need a little extra encouragement.

As the winner of this week’s CRO Site of the Week, you’ve won yourself some stuff from the CRO drawer – look out for a package in the post!

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