About James Root

James is Head of CRO / UX at High Position. A journalist by trade, there's only one thing he likes more than user friendly websites and that's websites he's helped become more user friendly! Oh, and he likes Guinness. You can follow James on Twitter @RootToMarket and Google+ - and connect on LinkedIn.

Moz tour pageCRO Site of the Week: Moz

This week High Position’s Head of CRO, James Root, takes a look at Moz. As ever, winners of this prestigious award will receive something from the HP CRO Drawer. All winners will be notified via twitter. Nominations can also be tweeted … Continue reading

mobile cro featured imageNow Is The Time To Go Mo, But Don’t Forget To CRO

If you’re reading this, you realise the importance of mobile sites. Each and every one of you will have bought something on the move, enquired about a service when waiting for the train and Google’d a takeaway number on your … Continue reading

NudgeStockDigital Shoreditch 2013 - Nudgestock Digest

Following on from HP’s Analytics Wizard, Ross Scrivener’s post on his visit to Digital Shoreditch, I attended Nudgestock - the #ogilvychange Behavioural Design day - featuring some inspiring talks on making the digital world change for the better via cognitive … Continue reading

sonosCRO Site of the Week: Sonos

This week High Position’s Head of CRO, James Root, takes a look at Sonos.com. As ever, the winner of CRO site of the week will win a prize from the HP CRO drawer.  All winners will be notified by James via … Continue reading

Steve Dart LinkedIn LegendLinkedIn Lead The Way In Email Marketing

HP’s CEO, Stephen Dart, feels even more special than normal today having been congratulated by LinkedIn for being one of the top 5% most viewed profiles in 2012. The world’s largest professional network (with net worth of $7.5 Billion) now … Continue reading

A Retail AssembleA Retail Assemble – Is It Too Late To Save The High Street?

News this morning that the Government are assembling a crack team of ‘retail and property leaders’ headed by Local Growth Minister, Mark Prisk, Boots health and beauty division chief executive, Alex Gourlay, and retail guru, Mary Portas, comes as no surprise to … Continue reading

tee fury design imageCRO Site of the Week: TeeFury.com

Every week High Position’s CRO / UX team analyse a website that has stood out from the crowd. We like websites that are easy to use and encompass innovative features to enhance and enrich user experience. Winners of this prestigious … Continue reading

simplesDon’t Waste Time With Confusing CRO Tests – Analyse Then Hypothesise

Step away from the fun stuff, roll your sleeves up and get down and dirty with Google Analytics. The hypotheses of CRO tests are often blurred and I put that down to either a lack of Analytics analysis or a … Continue reading

Contact Form TestForm An Orderly Queue - Don’t Ignore Testing Web Forms In 2013

Web forms – let’s face it, they are generally a pain in the pants. We don’t have time, we’re impatient – especially us blokes as we simply cannot multi-task (bar drinking and watching sports at the same time) – we … Continue reading

iStock_000019496884SmallDon’t Play On Words, Test Them

A misconception of conversion rate optimisation and user experience testing is that it is mainly a design based process – let’s look at improving that button; remove that idle slider; change the navigation this second! These may all be extremely … Continue reading