5 E-Commerce Dashboards for Internet Marketers


Google Analytics dashboards are a quick and easy way to keep your clients up to date with their most important business metrics. Below are 5 E-commerce specific dashboards we use at High Position, and you can quickly install and share with your clients to keep them informed and save you time!

Many of our Dashboards aim to report the marketing efforts we put in on behalf of our clients and how it effects their revenue figures. This is important for both us and the customer - they are kept up to date with how well their campaigns are performing, and it’s important for us because when a client is kept well informed and has confidence in their campaigns, we, as marketers gain greater autonomy and trust from our clients… a win win! So install and share these dashboards and keep your clients happy!


1) E-commerce Overview Dashboard

This is a fairly “high level” report that you might send to a CEO or company director, someone that cares about the bottom line figures but maybe not the specifics of a marketing campaign. Showing you the most important site-wide figures & sales data, including Revenue, the number of Transactions, Average Order Value, Revenue by traffic medium, Top selling products, top Revenue generating keywords, and Most valuable Cities.

Click here to Install the E-commerce Overview Dashboard


2) Mobile E-commerce Dashboard

This dashboard can be a helpful tool in determining whether investment in a mobile optimised website would be valuable, if metrics like average order value or conversion rate are substantially lower on mobile than desktop, maybe your site doesn’t work particularly well on a mobile. Time to take action! Showing a comparison between Mobile and Desktop performance in e-commerce. Metrics such as Revenue, Transactions, Average order value, Conversion rate can be used to monitor change over time. You’re likely trying to increase all of these metrics so a comparison year on year can give a quick overview of how the site is performing.

Click here to Install the Mobile E-commerce Dashboard


3) Organic Search E-commerce Dashboard

This report is great for your internet marketing / seo team. They can use this dashboard to keep an eye on which search keywords are generating the most revenue, and comparing brand and non-brand terms is something we often report on separately as user behaviour is often quite different between the two segments of visitors.

This report will need some customisation for each client. The “Brand” and “Non Brand” widgets have a filter applied to only search for keywords containing your business brand name. So if you’re working for “Nike” in the filter you would put “nike” and maybe some common misspellings too “niek”, “mike” etc. Just click the little edit button in the top right of each widget to change the settings.

Click here to Install the Organic Search E-commerce Dashboard


4) Paid Search E-commerce Dashboard

A comprehensive look at many of the important Paid Search & E-Commerce stats combined. We often want to report on on Ad spend ROI, Cost per Transaction and obviously, the total amount spent, and earned!
This report shows the most important business metrics that any company will want to be keeping a close eye on. The marketing team will be very interested in this, as will whoever controls the paid search budget.

Click here to Install the Paid Search E-commerce Dashboard


5) Email E-commerce Dashboard

Email is a big revenue driver for many e-commerce sites and i’m sure your sites are no different. Being able to see this data quickly will help you see the impact of the work you or your team are doing. With a bit of offline maths with the cost of each campaign you can quickly work out the ROI from each campaign too. This report shows visits from (correctly tagged) email campaigns, along with Revenue, Transactions, the specific Campaigns and the Location of your visitors.

Click here to Install the Email E-commerce Dashboard


Well, I hope you liked the Dashboards here, if you have any questions, recommendations or feel like sharing your favourite dashboards, let us know in the comments below.


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